Inside Retail recently reported that the revised Standard AS4084-2012 in February 2012 has gone a long way in attempting to remove any grey areas in the ‘to inspect’ or ‘not to inspect’ storage racking arguments and has roused debate on the potential hazards in the warehousing environment.

According to Inside Retail, in the past many companies were risking worker safety and not inspecting racking systems regularly or to recommended standards. Among other revisions, the standards specify that load charts must be displayed, a traffic light reporting system must be incorporated into reporting, and inspections must be carried out at least every 12 months.

The previously existing wiggle room in interpretation of the standard has been eliminated.

The risks of failure to meet the new revised standard AS4084-2012 can be as inconsequential as stock loss and business shutdowns or as major as staff death and potential company litigation.

For more information on the revised standard, visit Independent Racking Inspections & Audits,

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